Surviving the Summer in Fort Myers

Surviving the Summer in Fort MyersFort Myers is a beautiful city. It’s located off the southwest coast of Florida, and it’s often affectionately referred to as “The Gateway to the Gulf.” It’s dotted with scenic beaches, picturesque parks, and charming caf├ęs.

Fort Myers is, without a doubt, a beautiful city, especially during the summer. But unfortunately, Fort Myers is also a notoriously hot and a notoriously humid city, and it’s hard to stick it out through June or July or August without an AC system. In fact, most inhabitants of the city consider a Fort Myers air conditioner to be simply essential.

The men and women of Fort Myers spend a great deal of time and energy selecting the perfect Fort Myers air conditioner to install in their home or commercial business. They take time to compare the various AC systems on the market today, and they learn how to wait patiently for the model of their choice to go on sale.

But, in spite of the careful deliberations and savvy shopping skills of these city dwellers, Fort Myers air conditioners still break down quite often. Even the newest and most reliable models are bound to break down once in a while, and because Fort Myers air conditioners are run almost all year long, they break down far more often than most AC systems.

These breakdowns are unavoidable. Periodic maintenance and repair work is unavoidable too. But many inhabitants of Fort Myers do manage to avoid paying a small fortune for all this repair work by fixing their AC systems themselves when they’re able.

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