Would You be Better Off Repairing or Replacing Your Fort Myers AC System?

would-you-be-better-off-repairing-or-replacing-your-fort-myers-ac-systemEvery Fort Myers home owner knows that a new air conditioning system works wonderfully for the first two or three years after it’s been bought. And every Fort Myers resident also knows that that same air conditioner will start to break down with increasing regularity as soon as it starts to get old.

But no one knows just how often an old Fort Myers air conditioner might break down. It’s possible that, if the AC system is in good shape, it will require only periodic maintenance for years and years. It’s also possible, though, that it will begin to require extensive repair work on a yearly basis. AC systems like that are often easier to have replaced than repaired. After all, it can cost nearly as much to overhaul an old Fort Myers machine as it does to buy another system altogether.

But how do you know whether to have your Fort Myers air conditioner taken in for a repair? Or maybe replaced? First, you’ll want to ask yourself how long you’ve had your current AC make or model. Is it only a few years old? If so, you may want to opt to wait to have it replaced for another year or two, at least. You’ll also want to ask yourself how often your Fort Myers AC system breaks down? Does it need maintenance once a year or more? Or has it been running for a few years without any serious maintenance issues? If you decide that your AC system has working pretty well up until this point, you may want to have the system repaired, rather than replaced.

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